Leading UK retailer Argos wanted to enhance employee engagement and align its diverse workforce, goals and values. To achieve this, Argos partnered with Cube3 to develop engaging in-house materials that effectively communicate key messages, initiatives, and updates across the organisation.


We conducted thorough research and analysis to understand Argos' organisational structure and culture, enabling us to identify areas for improvement and new opportunities. This process involved interviewing key stakeholders, surveying employees and reviewing internal communication channels and materials. Leveraging our findings, we developed an engaging and informative internal communication strategy covering a wide range of topics. This included company news and updates, employee recognition programs, and training and development initiatives. Paying special attention to readability and accessibility, all content was tailored to the diverse needs and interests of Argos' workforce. We used clear and concise language to convey key messages, and incorporated infographics, photos, and illustrations to capture attention and make it easy to digest. Additionally, our design team translated all content into compelling materials, choosing fonts, colours, and imagery that resonates with employees. We also developed templates consistent with Argos' brand guidelines, ensuring a cohesive and unified visual identity across the board.


Once all content was developed and designed, we collaborated with Argos' communication team to implement our communication strategy. This included distributing the materials through various channels such as email newsletters, intranet portals, digital signage, as well as in-store and at corporate offices.

Measuring impact

We continuously monitored effectiveness of our content through metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and employee feedback. We used this data to identify areas for improvement and make iterative adjustments to content, copy and design. Additionally, we worked with Argos' leadership team to establish regular communication and feedback mechanisms, ensuring all materials were reaching and engaging employees. We conducted regular surveys and focus groups to gather qualitative feedback from employees, allowing us to gain insights into their preferences to refine our approach accordingly.


We successfully developed a comprehensive internal communications strategy that fostered engagement across Argos’ entire organisation. By creating tailored, engaging and informative materials, we helped strengthen employee communication and promote a sense of unity and purpose within the company. With a robust internal comms strategy in place, Argos is well-positioned to continue driving employee engagement and achieve its organisational objectives.
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