ANS Group



Rapidly growing tech company ANS Group needed to align its marketing activity with sales operations to keep attracting new customers. Its setup between the two teams was disjointed, resulting in wasted efforts and missed opportunities to bring on new business. ANS Group engaged Cube3 to bring marketing and sales activities together, fostering collaboration between departments and enhancing both lead generation and conversions.


Through joint planning meetings, standing sync-ups, and agreed success metrics, we facilitated a ‘one team’ approach which significantly improved communication and enabled us to develop a unified strategy with shared goals. We then crafted compelling, integrated marketing campaigns across key platforms to drive brand awareness, boost qualified lead development and nurturing. By implementing robust data tracking and reporting, we provided full visibility into campaign effectiveness and customer engagement, enabling continuous optimisation to generate the best ROI.


The collaboration between our team and ANS Group generated tangible results:
  • ANS Group achieved its goal of aligning marketing and sales to accelerate new business and revenue. Our ‘one team’ approach improved communication, efficiency, and led to shared ownership between marketing and sales.
  • Stronger coordination between marketing activities and sales objectives lifted lead generation and conversion rates, directly fueling new customer acquisition and revenue growth.
  • Strengthened ANS Group's positioning within the market, increased brand visibility and continuously improved performance through data analysis.
We understand that not all marketing performance challenges or opportunities come with clear solutions.
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