Innovative transport recruitment app Avail tasked Cube3 with developing a stronger brand identity. As a new player in the market, Avail wanted to differentiate itself from traditional recruitment methods, convey its value proposition effectively and engage its target audience.The biggest challenge was establishing an identity that reflects Avail’s innovative approach to transport recruitment while appealing to both professionals and employers. We also needed to develop brand guidelines and go-to-market assets, ensuring consistency and coherence across all communications.


We collaborated closely with Avail to develop a comprehensive brand strategy. Beginning with extensive market research and competitor analysis, we gained insights into the transport recruitment landscape, identifying key trends, challenges, and opportunities. Utilising these insights, we launched ideation workshops and brainstorming sessions to creatively explore potential brand directions for Avail. This enabled us to develop a range of brand concepts that encapsulate Avail's values, vision, and unique selling points. Once a brand direction was chosen, we developed a new brand identity including logo design, colour palette, typography, and visual elements. The logo conveys Avail's innovative approach to transport recruitment while maintaining professionalism and credibility. The colour palette and typography were carefully selected to evoke trust, reliability, and modernity. Simultaneously, we developed robust brand guidelines that provide clear and detailed instructions on how to keep the brand consistent, from logo use and typography to colour specifications and tone of voice recommendations. We also created go-to-market assets such as promotional materials, website design, and social media graphics. These effectively communicate Avail's value proposition to its target audience, driving awareness, engagement, and adoption of the app.


Our collaboration produced brilliant results:
  • A compelling brand identity that effectively communicates Avail's values, vision, and unique selling points to its target audience.
  • Robust brand guidelines that ensure consistency and coherence in Avail's brand representation across all touchpoints.
  • Engaging go-to-market assets that drive awareness, engagement, and adoption of the Avail app among transport professionals and employers.
  • Positive feedback from stakeholders and users regarding the new brand identity, reinforcing Avail's position as an innovative leader in transport recruitment technology.
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