Cyber security firm Avecto was struggling to effectively communicate its diverse range of services within a crowded market. Seeking guidance in productisation and digital optimisation, Avecto partnered with Cube3 to refine its product offering and brand identity, ensuring all messaging is streamlined, resonates and clearly communicates how Avecto is different.


Beginning with an in-depth analysis of Avecto's existing offerings and target audience, Cube3 gained insights into the key pain points and requirements of its customers. Utilising these insights, Cube3 worked with Avecto to productise its services into standalone propositions, each addressing specific cybersecurity challenges facing organisations. These propositions were carefully crafted to highlight Avecto's unique value proposition, differentiate from competitors and boost brand clarity. In parallel, Cube3 led the rollout of Avecto's revamped brand and product offerings across all digital and media platforms. This included redesigning the website to showcase the new propositions prominently, creating engaging content to drive user engagement, and optimising search engine visibility to attract qualified leads. Cube3 also developed targeted paid advertising campaigns to raise brand awareness and drive website traffic. By leveraging channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and industry publications, Cube3 delivered maximum exposure for Avecto's brand and products.


The collaboration between Avecto and Cube3 produced significant results:
  • Successful productisation of Avecto's services into standalone propositions, enhancing brand clarity and customer understanding.
  • Revamped digital platforms that effectively showcase Avecto's brand and product offerings, driving increased user engagement and lead generation.
  • Enhanced brand visibility and awareness through targeted advertising campaigns and social media strategies, resulting in a higher volume of leads and new customer acquisitions.
  • Positive feedback from customers and stakeholders regarding the clarity and relevance of Avecto's brand and product messaging, reinforcing its position as a leader in cybersecurity solutions.
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