Cardinal Logistics



Cardinal Logistics, a leading provider of transportation and logistics solutions, asked Cube3 to revamp its website to deliver a vastly enhanced user-experience (UX). It also wanted us to create new sales assets to better showcase its services, differentiate itself in a competitive market and drive new customer acquisitions.


Beginning with a thorough assessment of Cardinal Logistics' brand identity, value proposition and audience, we gained insights into the company's unique strengths and competitive advantages. Next, we redesigned the website focusing on modern aesthetics, user-friendly navigation, and compelling content. The new website showcases Cardinal Logistics' services, solutions, and industry expertise effectively, providing visitors with a seamless and informative browsing experience. We also refreshed all sales assets, including presentations, brochures, and case studies. By incorporating visually appealing design elements and compelling messaging, we ensured all sales materials effectively communicate the value proposition and capabilities to potential customers. Furthermore, we implemented strategies to optimise online visibility and drive relevant traffic to the website. This included SEO techniques, content marketing and targeted advertising campaigns.


We achieved fantastic results
  • Successful overhaul of Cardinal Logistics' website, resulting in a modern, user-friendly experience that effectively showcases all services and solutions.
  • Refreshed all sales assets, including presentations and brochures, so they communicate Cardinal Logistics' value proposition and capabilities more effectively to potential customers.
  • Increased online visibility and traffic to Cardinal Logistics' website, resulting in a higher volume of qualified leads and new customer acquisitions.
  • Positive feedback from customers and stakeholders regarding the improved website design and sales collateral, reinforcing Cardinal Logistics' position as a leader in transportation and logistics solutions.
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