Web hosting provider UKFast approached Cube3 to develop a new brand positioning strategy to stay relevant in its rapidly evolving market. We need to create compelling messaging that resonates with its target audience, and seamlessly integrate it across all marketing communications.

Research and strategy development

To begin, we conducted thorough market and competitor analysis to gain valuable insights into the tech industry and identify emerging trends. We also conducted audience research and customer surveys to understand the perceptions and preferences of the target audience. Using these insights, we collaborated with UKFast's leadership team to define its brand values, unique selling propositions, and key messaging pillars. Through a series of workshops and brainstorming sessions, we developed a comprehensive brand positioning strategy that differentiated UKFast from competitors and aligned with its business objectives

Brand positioning and messaging

We developed a value proposition and brand promise that resonates with UKFast’s audience and communicates its offering effectively. We created compelling messaging statements and taglines, all of which were refined and tested to ensure alignment with the audience's needs.

Rollout across media and digital platforms

We worked closely with UKFast's marketing team to roll out the new brand positioning across all platforms. This included updating the company website, social media profiles, email marketing campaigns and advertising materials. We ensured that the messaging was consistent and cohesive across all touchpoints, creating a unified brand experience for UKFast's audience. This involved developing brand guidelines and messaging frameworks to provide guidance for internal teams and external partners on how to communicate the brand effectively.


  • UKFast successfully launched its new brand positioning and messaging, creating a strong and differentiated brand identity in the competitive technology industry.
  • The new messaging resonated with the target audience, resulting in increased brand awareness, engagement, and lead generation.
  • Consistent and cohesive branding across media and digital platforms strengthened UKFast's brand equity and credibility in the market.
  • Internal teams and external partners were aligned on the new brand positioning, enabling seamless communication of the value proposition and messaging.
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